Collin is an entrepreneur, visionary, streamer, personality, and the CEO of Apollo Media. He started out streaming and soon grew a tight community, streaming almost every night with people like iWumbo223, ChemicalTTV, and Ozzie Striker. His streaming days ended after he changed his internet service provider, which was much slower than it was supposed to be. Before launching Apollo, he was involved in a serious car accident alongside Seth Hogberg, which postponed the launch from October 5th to December 7th. In early December, he was victim to a CryptoWall Ransomware virus (explained here) , which postponed Apollo's launch date even further from December 7th to early January. On January 4th, he officially launched Apollo Media LLC alongside Ryan Kelstrom, Seth Hogberg, and RJ Lund. He also hosts the Gaming Etc. Podcast with iWumbo223 on his Twitch channel on Sunday nights, and has been known to upload Let's Plays to his personal YouTube account from time to time.


  • He first started YouTube in 2011 as KingoftheNubes17, where he exclusively uploaded Pokemon related content.
  • He seems to hate Facebook, given his frequent jabs at it on his Twitter account .
  • He is apparently 97 years of age.
  • He is the shortest member of Apollo Media, just under Seth at 5'11".
  • He currently is enrolled at Spokane Community College, and is planning to transfer to Pacific Lutheran University in Fall of 2016.