Just the Tip is a weekly relationship-advice show produced by Apollo Media. It launched alongside of The McView and The Collabicast at the beginning of Apollo Media's first season. Hosted by Collin Geffrey and Ryan Kelstrom, the show consisted of answering viewer questions about anything related to sex, love, or relationships. The show was originally intended to run for 13 episodes, however this was shortened to technical limitations.

Season 1

  1. What To Do After Breaking Up, asked by Madi (6:09)
  2. Where To Go On A First Date, asked by Ozzie (6:02)
  3. My Crush Is Dating Someone Else, asked by iWumbo223 (4:31)
  4. How To Fix A Broken Relationship, asked by Aiden (3:59)
  5. How To Talk To Your Crush, asked by Miles (3:52)
  6. Am I Really In Love, asked by FoxyTheGamerGirl (3:27)
  7. How Much Time Should I Spend With My Partner, asked by Lindsay (3:35)
  8. How Do I Survive High School, asked by FoxyTheGamerGirl (3:08)


  • According to Collin, every land that the viewers write-in from is a "great land". Ryan, however, stated that California is the only exception.
  • Ryan is Collin's life partner (it is hinted in The Collabicast that they are romantically involved, though this has never been confirmed).