Ryan is a host, creative director, writer, and the President of Apollo Media. He started his YouTube career by recording Let's Plays on his channel TurboNoids . In October of 2014, he started a collaborative podcast with Collin Geffrey's channel, Nostalgianator, beginning what eventually would become The Collabicast. In February of 2015, he and Collin made the decision to expand The Collabicast into a full-sized production, deciding to call it Apollo Media. They then formed the production into a Limited-Liability Corporation in August of 2015, and began production of their first shows, The McView and Just the Tip, the following month. On January 4th of 2016, he officially launched Apollo Media LLC alongside Collin Geffrey, Seth Hogberg, and RJ Lund. In Season 2 of Apollo Media, he started working as a Writer for Apollo Media's new sketch-comedy show.


  • He first started YouTube in July of 2014 with his channel TurboNoids. He uploaded a variety of gaming and sketch comedy videos before retiring the channel in February of 2015.
  • He hates Twitter, largely because of its inability to function properly on his tablet.
  • He can be found on the PlayStation Network as Roxas-_-248.
  • He has been a huge fan of the Age of Mythology game since he was a little kid, and this continues to be his favorite video game to this day.