Seth is a producer, host, and quality assurance manager at Apollo Media. He was recruited by Collin Geffrey to join the company in September of 2015, and quickly became a valuable asset. Before launching Apollo, he was involved in a serious car accident alongside Collin, which postponed the launch from October 5th to December 7th, and then to January 4th (the final launch date). Originally beginning as a producer, he began to appear in several episodes of The McView and The Collabicast, and quickly became a full-time host soon after. As of Episode 13, he has become a full-time host of The Collabicast and appears on every episode.


  • He is currently employed at Regal Cinemas in Spokane Valley.
  • He is an avid fantasy reader, and writes his own fan-fictions from time to time.
  • It has been implied in several episodes of The Collabicast that he is younger than the other hosts. It is unclear exactly how much younger he is.
  • He has managed the audio for every Apollo Media video since The Collabicast: Episode 1.