The Collabicast is Apollo Media's weekly audio and video podcast. Every episode consists of each host presenting a topic of discussion for the group, typically for about 90 minutes. The show originally was released uncut every Wednesday at 9 AM Pacific Time. As of Season 2, the show is broken up by each topic and uploaded in-part throughout the week, with the full episodes going up every Friday. The show can be found at , as well as on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher.

Season 1 (1-13)

Season 1 of The Collabicast premiered on January 6th of 2016. It lasted for 13 episodes, followed by a two-week hiatus before the premiere of its second season. It concluded on April 6th of 2016, and consisted of the following episodes:

  • 1. Fictional Universes with guest Selena AKA RandomPersonFromTheInternet (57:28)
  • 2. Nuclear War (1:21:48)
  • 3. Crazy Ryan Stories with guest Lauren (1:35:10)
  • 4. The Nerdathon with guest Josh (1:58:38)
  • 5. The Final Frontier with guest Henry (1:23:36)
  • 6. Joining the Military with guests Kenneth "Ryan" Yergen and Dan (48:48)
  • 7. Our Dream Jobs with guest Cole (1:21:51)
  • 8. #SpencerForPrez with guest Spencer (1:34:32)
  • 9. Fire With Fire with guest Jake (1:30:53)
  • 10. Controversy with guests Lauren Wells and Spencer Gilbert (1:54:04)
  • 11. Sex vs. Video Games with guests Ty and Dedrick (1:20:34)
  • 12. We Make a Movie with guest Logan (1:03:09)
  • 13. SEASON FINALE (1:34:15)

Season 2 (14-26)

Season 2 of The Collabicast premiered on April 25th of 2016. It is still currently running, and is scheduled to run for a total of thirteen episodes. Thus far, it has consisted of the following episodes:

  • 1. The Dawn of Season 2 (1:09:44)