The McView is a mock review show produced by Apollo Media. It premiered at the beginning of the company's first season alongside The Collabicast and Just the Tip. Each episode featured one of the hosts posing as a food critic, reviewing a different item of the McDonald's menu every week. Each item is graded on a 10-point scale, with a "10" being the highest possible score.  

Season 1

  1. Filet-O-Fish hosted by Collin (6:04)
  2. Southwest Chicken Salad hosted by Ryan (7:10)
  3. Morning Mac hosted by Collin (5:29)
  4. Chicken McNuggets hosted by Ryan (11:10)
  5. Bacon Clubhouse Quarter Pounder hosted by Collin (7:42)
  6. Oreo McFlurry hosted by Ryan (5:19)
  7. Apple & Strawberry Pies hosted by Seth (4:46)
  8. Happy Meal & Pancakes hosted by Collin (7:41)
  9. Big Mac hosted by Anthony 'Off the Wall' Wumbo (6:46)
  10. McGangBang hosted by Greg 'ChemicalTTV' Smith (7:38)
  11. Spicy Chicken Sandwich hosted by Eric 'Miles' Solorzano (6:24)
  12. Shamrock Shake hosted by Ryan (3:55)
  13. Chocolate-Chip Cookies hosted by Collin (6:00)


  • The McView is the most viewed Apollo Media show of all time.
  • The running "Mom-and-Pop restaurant" joke was maintained until Seth's appearance in Episode 7.
  • The only "perfect ten" score was given by Collin to the Chocolate-Chip Cookies in the Season Finale.
  • In the Season 1 finale, a song by Train (Drops of Jupiter) is played. It could reference this tweet that Collin responded to saying he was listening to it at one of the recording sessions.
  • Episodes 9-11 were hosted by guest hosts that volunteered to record their own episodes of the show.
  • OzzieStriker was intended to host Episode 12, but had a family emergency occur at the last minute. This caused Ryan to host the episode instead.